Several Smoketown Rotarians joined the Disaster Relief Team working to clear debris and repair infrastructure damaged during recent floods in southern Frederick County on Saturday, August 25th, 2018. 

Tasks included chain saw work on fallen trees, small rock removal, fence repairs, clearing of debris from streams and fields among other efforts on two farms along Rohresville Rd and Norstar Lane. 

The effort was organized by Paul Mahata, Chair of the Rotary District 7620 Disaster Relief Commitee. Rotarian Steve Nuckles served as Foreman. 

The Smoketown Rotary Club of Brunswick is gearing up for a busy fall schedule of community service. To learn more, plan to attend an upcoming meeting (First & Third Fridays of each month at noon or visit 

Participants: Rotarians Judy Couillard, Vaughn Ripley, James Rippeon, Jessica Winter & son, plus Aimee Rider.