2019 Officers:
President: Sarah Burton
Vice President: Casey Stepoulos
Secretary: Abbie Rohmiller
Board of Directors: Isabelle Porcella, Caitlyn Lee, Rick Cicmanec
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Katie Ronk & Ms. Elizabeth Sherman
Faculty Set Up Support : Ms.Kathleen Rumble’s L4L Class
Upcoming Initiatives:
December 9th – Santa’s Workshop – Interact Club Members will be managing an activity (Candy Cane Crafts)
– Interact Club will be adopting a kid as part of Beacon’s Holiday Program and will provide one bike for a kid who has applied.
– The Club voted to organize the planting of 35 Trees in the Spring of 2020. The Trees will be planted in our local communities under the direction of Brunswick City Planners and area reforest experts.
April 4th – District 7620 Youth Summit at Bar T Ranch in Frederick County. Reforestation and erosion mitigation projects will be performed. Main topic of discussion is Climate Awareness & projects.
If you enjoy Twitter, please follow us at:
View the presentation that we put together a couple months back to learn more:
Our first domestic initiative is ‘Lunch Out of Landfills’, which will divert 80% of school lunch trash from being dumped into the landfill, utilizing a simple ‘source separation’ (liquids, recyclables, composting) at two of the trash cans in the cafeteria at BHS and it’s three feeder schools (BES, VES, BMS). Smoketown Rotarians will be on hand the first couple weeks of school to help get things rolling. After that, FCPS will be bringing in folks to help and we would love if you guys can spearhead the data collection aspects of this — meaning, 1x per week, weigh the bins to see how much we are diverting. The scales will be provided and myself or Karin Tome will most likely be there with you every time.
Learn more about WHY we want to compost at www.KeyCompost.com
Watch our BHS Green Team Video at this link
I’ts up to you guys what our International Initiative will be. Last year, we did a hike to Maryland Heights, got folks to sponsor us on an online pay page and donated the money to KIVA, an international small business support fund. This year, we could do something similar and donate the money to Hurricane Dorian Victims, Puerto Rico or a another group of people who need the help & support.
I’m looking at Sundays at 3pm as a time to have our ‘Virtual’ meetings on the Go2s APP. Members can chime in with ideas and questions. The chat would last for about a half hour.
The Officers can meet during connections or just generate a chat in Go2s whenever they wanted.
All of these details will be worked out over the school year and I’m very excited for you guys!