On St. Patrick’s weekend under the leadership of the Smoketown Rotary Club, volunteers from the Brunswick High School Interact Club and Brunswick Crossing Adopt-A-Park Team planted twenty-five trees on Brunswick’s Kim Weddle Park and Wenner Park.  The all-volunteer community initiative was organized by Smoketown Rotarian Chris Mourlas, owner of Brunswick-based Residential Reforestation.  The local Rotary Club funded the purchase of the native tree species, the fertilizer and mulch.

Species native to Maryland were planted in the municipal parks, including Acer Rubrum (red maple), Betula Nigra (River Birch), Platinus Occidentalis (Sycamore), Quercus Alba (White Oak), and Amelanchier Canadensis (Serviceberry).
Participating in the community service project were: Smoketown Rotarians Kim Grizzle, Charlie Harris, Arch Hodges, Eric Johnson, Chris Mourlas, as well as Reid and Adaliz Hodges;  Brunswick High School Interact Club members Rylie Johnson, Atiya Jackson, and Zoe Mourlas; and Brunswick Crossing “Team Weddle” members Richard Foot, Charlie Harris, and Dave Roberts.
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Member, Rotary Club of Carroll Creek, Frederick, Maryland
Sponsoring Club Adviser to the Rotary Club of Smoketown, Brunswick, Maryland 
Member, Brunswick Crossing “Team Weddle” Adopt-A-Park Volunteer Corps