If you could easily prevent 85% of your trash from being buried in a landfill, would you do it? If you learned that doing this would help reduce greenhouse gases each year by over 100 million tons, would it make you consider it even more? If we told you that we will spend less money to achieve these things, would you believe it?

On Friday, April 19th, 2019, the Smoketown Rotary Club of Brunswick, MD will welcome fellow Rotarian & Owner of Bar T Ranch Joe Richardson Jr. for a very special presentation titled ‘Food Waste & Composting – What to do and Why it Matters’.

All interested Frederick County residents are invited to attend this presentation, which will happen during Smoketown Rotary’s ‘3rd Friday’ meeting from Noon-1:15pm at the Steadman-Keenan American Legion Upstairs Hall.

Mr. Richardson and a team of dedicated Brunswick High School students have recently completed Waste Sort & Composting Demonstrations at BHS, Brunswick Elementary School and Valley Elementary School. These demonstrations were designed to collect data in anticipation of full program implementation for the 2019/2020 School year in all BHS Feeder System Schools.  

The program is being supported by a Grant from Rotary International District 7620, which includes the Baltimore & Washington Metro Areas, plus areas in Northern Virginia, Central Maryland and the Eastern Shore.

Smoketown Rotarians will support the program at each school and train a team of students to assume leadership roles in collection and reporting. All materials, equipment and compost collection will be paid for by Rotary.  

‘School-age kids and young adults are very interested in making a difference in our world’s environment,’ said Smoketown Rotary President-Elect Ernie Stepoulos. ‘We believe that this initiative will spark interest and action region-wide and that Brunswick can lead this effort’.

‘Loretta Donoghue assembled a dedicated team of Brunswick High School students to do the unpleasant but essential work of sorting waste at all the High School as well as Brunswick Middle Brunswick Elementary and Valley Elementary’, said program director Joe Richardson. ‘The data they collected has been invaluable as we look to establish compost programs throughout the county school system & beyond.’

View Joe’s powerful presentation  – What to do and why it matters